#52 One Year of Footprints on our Hearts

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This week, I have a special bonus episode to celebrate one year of the podcast! I’ve been catching up with a few of my past guests, reflecting on what I’ve learned from talking to so many parents about their experiences of baby loss and sharing my own reflections on the past year.

In Part One, I share seven things I’ve learned from the stories that I’ve shared on Footprints on our Hearts. (3:10)

In Part Two (18:00), I share some reflections on the past year.

In my mini interview with Karl, we talk about the healing that his third child has brought to their lives, the motivation behind his sporting challenges, how training helps him reflect and his upcoming endurance challenge raising money for Tommy’s. (19:27)

You can listen to Karl’s story in Episode 20 of the podcast and connect with him on Instagram @the_ambitious_endurance. You can also support him and the team completing the West Highland Way challenge @run.swim.bike.hike.

In my mini interview with Lucy, we talk about the meaning of balance, how to prioritise self-care when you’re juggling too many plates and why asking for help isn’t a failure. (30:18)

You can listen to Lucy’s story in Episode 20 and connect with her on Instagram @_mother_of_one_. You can find out more about the Rainbow Running and Yoga Club and all the events Lucy and her team organise at https://www.rainbowrunningclub.co.uk/.

In my reflections on the past year, I talk about passing key grief milestones, pregnancy after loss and searching for balance in my life. (44:05)

I wrap up the episode by reflecting on the seasons of life we find ourselves in and accepting that there is a time for everything.

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