#54 Eliza’s story, IVF and Parenting After Loss with Sarah Chapman

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In Episode 54, I chat with Sarah Chapman about her daughter Eliza, who was stillborn in 2018 and her rainbow baby, Liberty. We discuss grief, secondary infertility, IVF and parenting after loss, plus how they include Eliza in their day-to-day family life.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Sarah’s pregnancy with Eliza, going into labour and finding out her baby had died (7:38)
  • How Sarah felt about meeting Eliza after she was born (16:31)
  • How having her parents live in the States and suffering a further family bereavement shortly after Eliza’s death impacted on Sarah and her husband’s grief (26:57)
  • Sharing Eliza’s story and fundraising in her memory (33:24)
  • Deciding to try again and having to go through IVF to get pregnant with their second daughter (37:07)
  • How covid 19 had a positive impact on Sarah’s experience of pregnancy after loss (43:04)
  • Parenting after loss and how they include Eliza in their family (44:56)

You can connect with Sarah on Instagram @ourlittlesnowdrop and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/elizasmummy.

Sarah mentions a couple of her favourite books for talking to children about baby loss and IVF. These are These Precious Little People by Frankie Brunker (@thesepreciouslittlepeople) and Robo-Babies by Laura Gallagher (@robomummy).

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Thanks to Izzy Syme for editing and producing this episode.