#50 Stillbirth, Faith and Facing Death with Asma Bi

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In this week’s episode, I chat with Asma Bi about her daughter, Sujdah, who was stillborn in 2018, her Islamic faith and how this helped her grieve. In the same year that Sujdah passed, Asma suffered an extreme allergic reaction to medication which she barely survived. We discuss how this terrible experience helped her accept and be at peace with Sujdah’s death.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Asma’s pregnancy with her daughter, Sujdah, and the events leading up to finding out she had passed away. (6:12)
  • Meeting Sujdah after she was born. (17:07)
  • How her family supported her and Asma’s belief that her daughter is with God. (21:32)
  • Asma’s experience of grief in the early weeks (23:27)
  • Travelling to Pakistan to be with her husband and suffering an extreme allergic reaction to medication (25:52)
  • Being diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis, returning to the UK and being close to death (31:41)
  • Why Asma decided to write a book about her experiences (39:07)

You can connect with Asma on Instagram @angelmommy17022018 and buy her book, My Stillbirth Yet Still Here, on Amazon.

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