#47 Mackenzie’s Story and Pregnancy After Loss with Robyn

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This week, I talk with Robyn whose daughter, Mackenzie, passed away when she was just two months old as a result of an undiagnosed heart defect. We also talk a lot about Austin, Mackenzie’s younger brother, his fight for life and why Robyn has never thought of him as her “rainbow baby”.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Robyn’s pregnancy with Mackenzie and what she was like as a baby (6:24)
  • The events that led up to Mackenzie’s passing (9:47)
  • Being questioned after her death and the botched autopsy (18:52)
  • Falling pregnant with her son after struggling to conceive and finding out he had problems with his heart (31:34)
  • Moving city to give birth to her son who had open heart surgery when he was just 36 hours old (41:12)
  • Robyn’s pregnancy with her youngest daughter (52:48)
  • How they remember Mackenzie (54:05)

I’ll be taking a break from the podcast over Christmas and the New Year, but will be back with the next episode on January 8th. If you’re wanting to listen to more baby loss stories over the festive period, please check out the backlist of 46 episodes!

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