#46 Sawyer’s Story, Hydrops and Mirror Syndrome with Emily

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In Episode 46 of Footprints on our Hearts, guest host, Chainie Jackson talks to Emily about her son Sawyer, who was diagnosed with hydrops during the second trimester of her pregnancy and sadly passed away shortly after his birth.

In the interview, they talk about:

  • Being told at their first scan that Sawyer had fluid around the back of his neck (4:02)
  • Finding out Sawyer had hydrops fetalis and having various tests to determine the severity of his condition (10:22)
  • Meeting with a panel of doctors and making plans to give Sawyer the best possible chance (24:15)
  • Being admitted to hospital with severe swelling, finding out she had mirror syndrome and having to have an emergency caesarean section (29:02)
  • Being told that Sawyer had passed away and meeting him for the first time (43:56)
  • Spending time with Sawyer in the hospital (48:50)
  • Emily’s favourite memories of her son (53:40)

You can connect with Emily on Instagram @sowingseedsofsawyer.

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