#42 Overcoming Grief Through Faith, Art and Sport with Jenedy Paige

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In Episode 42 of Footprints on our Hearts, guest host, Karl, talks to Jenedy Paige about grief, her Christian faith, creativity and sport. Jenedy is a professional oil painter, a runner, weightlifter and Ninja Warrior. Her eldest son passed away in 2011 following a tragic accident when he was just three and a half years old.

Jenedy is really open and honest about how her faith was challenged in the aftermath of her son’s death and how she worked through this. Whether you are a person of faith or not, Jenedy has some great advice and practical tips on what helped her move through her grief and how she was able to let go of her broken heart. I found the interview both inspiring and full of hope that there can be life after loss.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • The death of Jenedy’s eldest son and how she struggled with her faith in the months afterwards (7:08)
  • How journaling, art and running helped her through her grief (12:35)
  • How Jenedy and her husband kept their relationship together and the importance of date nights (29:50)
  • Battling PTSD and how faith helped her let go of her broken heart (37:55)
  • How they keep her son’s memory alive (43:25)
  • Competing in Ninja Warrior in memory of him. (46:10)

You can connect with Jenedy on Instagram @jenedypaige and find her artwork on her website: jenedypaige.com.

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