#40 Losing a Twin and Talking About Motherhood with Cat Hardwick

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In this week’s episode, guest host, Lucie Burns, talks to Cat Hardwick about her son Benjamin. Benjamin was an identical twin and after finding out he had died at 32 weeks, Cat carried him for a further two weeks before Benjamin and his living brother, Nathaneal, were delivered.

In the interview, they talk about:

  • Finding out she was pregnant with identical twins and discovering at a routine scan that one of the twins had died (6:29)
  • Discovering at a routine scan at 32 weeks that one of their twins had died (16:06)
  • How the support of their friend and bereavement midwife helped Cat during the two weeks before the twins were delivered (26:24)
  • Choosing to spend time with Benjamin after they were born (41:44)
  • Nathaneal’s awareness of his twin brother and talking about Ben in day to day life (1:00:25)
  • The importance of normalising death with children 1:06:07)

Read more about Cat’s story on her blog: https://navigatingthewhirlwind.blogspot.com/

You can hear Lucie’s story of her son, Benedict, in Episode 9 of the podcast.

In the intro, I mention Chrissy Teigen’s blog post about sharing her story and photos of her baby loss experience. You can read it here: https://chrissyteigen.medium.com/hi-2e45e6faf764  

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