#39 Oliver’s Story, Grief and Losing a Rainbow with Josie Woods

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In Episode 39 of Footprints on our Hearts, I talk to Josie Woods about her son, Oliver, who was stillborn after being diagnosed with a heart condition during pregnancy. We chat about the complex emotions associated with grief and why losing Oliver caused Josie and her partner to sell the home they’d so recently moved into.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Josie’s pregnancy with Oliver (3:58)
  • Finding out that Oliver had a problem with his heart and coming to terms with the fact that he probably wouldn’t survive (8:38)
  • Oliver’s death and giving birth to her son (14:16)
  • The early weeks of grief and grieving during lockdown (23:22)
  • Getting pregnant again and losing her rainbow baby (32:23)
  • Struggling with feelings of jealousy around pregnancy announcements (41:02)
  • Learning to remember Oliver in a happy way and speaking out about baby loss (44:12)

You can connect with Josie on Instagram @precious_little_footprints and read more about Oliver on her blog: https://preciouslittlefootprints.wordpress.com/

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