#35 Pregnancy and Parenting After Infertility and Loss

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This week, I’m delighted to welcome Cat Strawbridge, host of the Finally Pregnant podcast onto the show for a special episode on pregnancy and parenting after infertility and loss. We talk about our own experiences and have some tips for you if you’re currently pregnant.

As part of our conversation we talk about:

  • Feelings on finding out you’re pregnant and when to tell people (10:28)
  • Managing anxiety (and excitement) during pregnancy after loss (24:00)
  • The loss of a “normal” pregnancy (43:46)
  • How infertility and loss can affect your birth choices and when things don’t go to plan (54:00)
  • Struggling to think about parenting and the ups and downs of parenting after loss (1:04:23)

If you’re pregnant after infertility or loss, I highly recommend listening to the Finally Pregnant podcast. Cat also created the Finally Pregnant Hang Out, a membership community for men and women who are finally pregnant and parenting.

You can connect with Cat on Instagram @tryingyears and find out more about the podcast and Hang Out on her website: https://www.catstrawbridge.com/. Cat is also one half of the dynamic duo @itscatandalice.

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