#33 The Taboo of Baby Loss and Bringing Home One of Three with Priya Shah

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In Episode 33 of Footprints on our Hearts, I chat with Priya Shah about her triplets, Adhiya, Ariya and Adhira. Priya’s pregnancy was a rollercoaster of hope, heartbreak and difficult decisions, and sadly she only got to bring Adhiya home.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Priya’s journey to getting pregnant and finding out they were expecting triplets
  • Facing the terrible decision over whether to reduce the pregnancy (14:43)
  • Struggling to prepare for the birth of her babies (27:29)
  • Baby loss being a taboo subject in her culture (32:35)
  • Going into labour at 34 weeks and giving birth to Adhiya and Ariya (34:19)
  • Being told Ariya wouldn’t survive and spending time with her (41:38)
  • Grieving while dealing with the demands of being a parent to Adhiya (50:40)
  • Involving all three of her children in family life and Indian culture (58:26)

You can connect with Priya on Instagram @our_one_of_three and read more about her story on her blog: https://ouroneofthree.com/

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