Episode #29 Onyx’s Story, Ofrendas and Parenting After Loss with Ariel

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This week, I chat to Ariel about her son, Onyx, who died shortly after he was born due to premature labour. After several previous experiences of pregnancy loss, Ariel chose to be intentional in her grief after Onyx’s death and she’s done a lot to honour his memory.

We also talk a bit about pregnancy and parenting after loss and how Ariel included Onyx in her daughter’s birth.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Ariel’s first two experiences of pregnancy loss – a missed miscarriage followed by a second miscarriage (12:10)
  • Falling pregnant with Onyx and going into labour at 20 weeks and 3 days (19:30)
  • Experiencing a placental abruption and giving birth to Onyx (25:24)
  • The first few weeks of grief and choosing to grieve intentionally (33:25)
  • Taking part in the Fourth Trimester Body Project just a few weeks after Onyx’s birth (35:13)
  • Honouring Onyx’s memory as part of the Day of the Dead / Day of the Little Angels celebrations (40:36) – read more in her blog post
  • Ariel’s experience of pregnancy after loss and how she included Onyx in her daughter’s birth (46:40)
  • The challenges of parenting after loss (52:32)

You can connect with Ariel on Instagram and Facebook and find out more about Onyx’s story and parenting after loss on her blog, A Rainbow From Onyx and her YouTube channel.

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