Episode #26 How to Support Grieving Parents through Baby Loss

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Today, I’m joined on the podcast by Katie Ingram for a special episode on talking about baby loss and how to support grieving parents. If you know someone whose child has died and you’re not sure what to say or how to support them, this episode may help.

Katie has recently launched the No Words campaign to help create a public dialogue around baby loss. We talk about the things people say or don’t say when your baby dies and the impact that can have when you’re grieving.

As part of our conversation we talk about:

  • Our own experiences of baby loss
  • What the No Words campaign is all about
  • Why everyone will know someone who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss
  • Talking about baby loss and why it’s so important
  • The uniqueness of baby loss grief compared to other types of grief
  • How to support grieving parents – what to do and say
  • How to support grieving parents – what not to do and say

You can find out more about Katie’s No Words campaign by following the hashtag #NoWords on Instagram or visiting her website (where you can also get your own No Words t-shirt!): https://withoutottilie.com/nowords/. Katie’s Instagram account is @withoutottilie.

Please do share this episode to help us break the silence and help family and friends support loved ones who have lost a baby.