Episode #24 Morwenna’s Story, Sunflowers and Jewellery Making with Lucie Thompson

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In Episode 24 of Footprints on our Hearts, I talk to Lucie Thompson whose daughter, Morwenna, was stillborn in September last year at 37 weeks.

Many parents worry about the impact of their baby’s death on siblings and we talk a lot in this episode about how Morwenna’s death affected her older sister, Illiya. We also chat about how Lucie has worked through her grief over the past seven months.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Lucie’s previous experience of pregnancy and birth and her pregnancy with Morwenna (4:05)
  • Finding out Morwenna had died and giving birth to her (13:25)
  • The impact of Morwenna’s death on their daughter, Illiya (35:40)
  • Why they chose to have Morwenna cremated (42:47)
  • Channelling her grief into gardening and jewellery making (46:38)

You can connect with Lucie on Instagram @luciesheppard and find her jewellery, including the necklace she designed for the baby loss community, on Etsy at My Little Bea Jewellery. Her shop is also on Instagram @mylittlebeajewellery.

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