Episode #15 Henry’s Story, a Woodland Burial and Donating Her Wedding Dress with Georgia Keogh-Horgan

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In Episode 15, I talk to Georgia Keogh-Horgan whose son, Henry, died of SIDS just two hours after his birth. Because Henry’s death was sudden and unexplained, this triggered a set of legal proceedings including an inquest.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Georgia’s son, Henry, who died hours after birth in October 2017
  • Spending time in a hospice making memories with Henry following his post-mortem
  • Planning his funeral and why they decided on a woodland burial site
  • Why Georgia chose to donate her wedding dress to Cherished Gowns
  • How Henry’s death impacted on her experience of giving birth to, and looking after, her daughter, Merryn, and the difficulties of balancing parenting a living child and a dead child

Georgia donated her wedding dress to Cherished Gowns, a charity that provides the families of babies who are stillborn, miscarried or pass away shortly after birth with items of clothing that they are able to be dressed in for their funeral.

After Merryn’s birth, they were loaned an apnoea monitor by the Lullaby Trust to monitor Merryn’s breathing as part of their support to bereaved parents when they have another baby.

You can connect with Georgia on Instagram @_abcdefgeorg and read more about Henry on her blog: https://heyworlditshenry.com/.

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