Episode #12 Ike’s Story, Early Grief Milestones and Marathon Running with Hayley Bennett Stanley

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This week, I chat to Hayley Bennett Stanley about her son, Ike, the rollercoaster of grief and why she chose to run a marathon in his memory.

Ike was born in August 2019 and I’m really grateful to Hayley for coming on the podcast to share his story and her experiences just eight months after his death.

In the interview, we talk about:

  • Getting pregnant and relaxing into her pregnancy (6:55)
  • Experiencing bleeding and finding out Ike had died at 26 weeks (15:00)
  • The waiting time and giving birth to Ike (23:09)
  • The ups and downs of grief and what Hayley and her husband decided to do on Ike’s due date (38:14)
  • How she feels grief prepared her for dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic (48:47)
  • Running a marathon solo when her event was cancelled (54:53)

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