Episode #9 Benedict’s Story and Supporting a Sibling Through Grief with Lucie Burns

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This week, I talk to Lucie Burns about her daughters, Merry and Willow, and her son, Benedict, who died during labour in 2012.

As well as talking about Benedict’s story and his legacy, we also talk about how Lucie and her husband spoke about him with Merry, who was three when Benedict died. If you’re wondering how to support siblings after a loss, you may find this episode useful.

In the interview we talk about:

  • The mental and physical challenges Lucie faced with her first pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Merry. (4:06)
  • Her pregnancy with Benedict, his birth and finding out he had died. (15:49)
  • How she broke the news to Merry and coping with grief while keeping life going for her. (28:36)
  • Pregnancy after loss and how Lucie approached this mentally and shared information with Merry. (37:32)
  • How Lucie found Sands and what she’s done in Benedict’s memory to help other bereaved parents. (47:15)

You can connect with Lucie on Instagram @polksaladlucie.

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